Super simple “sandwich” quesadilla

Super simple “sandwich” quesadilla 


Large flour tortilla 

Lunch meats (I used turkey and ham) 

Cheese (I used Pepper jack and Munster)

Mayonnaise (optional / for taste) 

Mustard (for taste) 

Instructions : 

Place your large tortilla on a plate and cut half way up directly in the middle of the tortilla. 

Start from the bottom left, I added Mayo and Black Forest ham. On the top left, I added pepper jack cheese. For the top right, another layer of Mayo, Then the turkey and mustard. And for the bottom right I added the Munster cheese. 

Starting from the bottom left, fold directly up to the top left, then fold to the top right and finally to the bottom right. 

I then pressed mine to give the cheese a chance to melt, press as long as you’d like for desired crispness or golden color! 

Gives a whole new world to a simple sandwich! 

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